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Integrated Policy for Quality Management, Information Security, and Service Management

In order to fulfill its mission of providing cybersecurity services and meeting the information security needs to support the development and sustainability of our clients’ businesses through service excellence, ETEK International has defined the following integrated management policy and commits to:

  • Maintain our clients’ satisfaction through the fulfillment of commitments, supported by the experience and knowledge of our human resources and the quality of the services and solutions offered.
  • Preserve the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy of the information assets of the organization and our clients.
  • Define the criteria for risk acceptance and acceptable risk levels.
  • Support our employees in their personal growth and professional development.
  • Comply with occupational safety and health standards to help prevent workplace accidents and occupational diseases.
  • Comply with current legal regulations and other contractual requirements that the organization subscribes to with third parties.
  • Achieve profitability for our shareholders.
  • Maintain continuous improvement and expected performance in all organizational processes.

All of this is part of a strategy aimed at good governance, due diligence, risk management, and the consolidation of an organizational culture based on best practices.

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